About us

Focus on teamwork

We wish to be able to offer our clients services in all legal property aspects. That may be advice on a specific aspect, but also an integral approach to a transaction or to an area or project development. In order to do so optimally, Hemwood has grown in recent years into a diverse team with complementary areas of expertise in real estate law. If the case so requires, we are able to respond rapidly by making use of each other’s expertise. We always do so with the aim of achieving the best result.

We focus on long-term collaboration and relationships with our clients. We want to know what’s on our clients’ minds, so that we can anticipate their wishes when dealing with legal issues. Our knowledge of and experience in the market allow us to develop excellent relationships with other stakeholders, such as government bodies. These relationships also contribute to optimal teamwork.


Clear and transparent

Our lines of communication are short, and our teams are effective. The partner in charge keeps a sharp eye on the quality and scope of the work. We value transparency. In our work, but also with regard to our quotations and fee statements. We make clear agreements about the costs, the team and the timing involved in each case.



Our smooth cooperation with government agencies is one of the reasons we are able to fulfil the role of strategic real estate partner for our clients.



Real estate-focused firm Hemwood receives praise for its ‘very proactive and competitive‘ environment and planning team, which provides advice on real estate transactions and projects.