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Focus on dedicated people

Hemwood always has room for dedicated lawyers, civil-law notaries, candidate civil-law notaries and paralegals who believe in our property focus and who wish to help us continue building on Hemwood’s success. We would like to get in touch with students, newcomers and experienced lawyers and civil-law notaries and candidate civil-law notaries with a practical and entrepreneurial disposition and an affinity with property law. Please do not hesitate to contact Sonja van der Kamp (lawyer) or Monique Laenen (civil-law notary), also if there is no current vacancy but you are nevertheless interested in Hemwood.

Focus on teamwork

Everyone at Hemwood has consciously chosen property. Property is not only tangible and visible, but also a diverse area of the law, requiring a wide range of legal expertise. We help each other develop focus and expertise of our own. We are convinced that each of us can achieve even more if we support each other’s expertise. We like to combine these different areas of expertise, to allow us to optimally advise our clients. We therefore often work together in multidisciplinary teams.