Charlotte Pasteuning


Charlotte Pasteuning studied psychology and law at the University of Amsterdam and worked at the Centre for Environmental Law during her studies. She graduated in constitutional and administrative law in 2009.

Charlotte worked as a lawyer in the government and commercial law practice of Dentons (formerly Boekel De Nerée). She switched to the Administrative Law Division of the Council of State in 2012. Charlotte was involved in numerous environmental cases and worked together closely with the chambers and state councils. She joined the Amsterdam District Court in 2016 as a senior court lawyer and legal advisor, specialising further in environment and planning law, specialising further in environment and planning law. Charlotte directed complex individual and clusters of cases, as well as participating in national expert groups, also in preparing the judiciary for the new Omgevingswet (Environment and Planning Act).

Charlotte utilizes her knowledge and experience as a specialist in environmental and environmental law, both in advisory and litigation roles. She has been involved in various environmental legal procedures and major inner-city redevelopment projects, addressing issues of energy, sustainability, water, nature, and sustainable infrastructure (underground an aboveground).

Charlotte is a member of the Association for Construction Law Lawyers and the Association for Environmental Law.